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LEDs on Bally

Converting you pinball from filament bulbs to LEDs has many benefits

  • brighter
  • more responsive
  • draw less current (less stress on the fuse)
  • less heat

But on Bally’s it has a major downside, they flicker


The switched lamps are supplied with an unfiltered rectified voltage of 5.4V.

Filament bulbs have a certain inertia, so the luminous flux is constant.

With the LED bulbs that turn on and off directly, there are 2 concerns :

  • The first is that the thyristor is not receiving enough current and turns off. This is solved with the addition of a resistor in parallel.
  • The second problem is LED flickering due to the unfiltered rectified voltage. That depends on the type of LED you have installed. I advise you to buy several samples and do some testing.

With the PinStar B-23 board, you will avoid flickering.
It also has test LEDs on each thyristor that help detect any faults.

Here is an example on a Bally Hot Doggin

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