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This board is dedicated to the Future Queen pinball machine from Nuova Bell Games.

It uses classical IC components with no-proprietary chips.

The board remains very faithful to the original one. Obsolete or fragile components have been replaced by more reliable components while keeping the same behaviour. There is no emulation or proprietary component, this board can be repaired in the same way as the original one.

Main Features:

Voltage LED indicators

3 LED indicator show if the different Voltages (5V, 12V and 40V) are possible.

When the 40V LED indicator is OFF, the seventh flash will be missing and the game won’t start.
When the 12V LED indicator is ON and the 5V LED indicator is OFF, this shows a problem with 5V Regulator


The reset circuit is reduced to only one component.


The board uses the 6802 CPU with a quartz.
The 6810 RAM and the obsolete 9602 IC are useless.


The board uses either a CR3450 battery or a 1F Capacitor

Credit, Coin and Test buttons

The board includes a Credit, two Coin and a Test push buttons.
This is very handy when you have doubts about the J3 connector or the coin doors cabling.

 More realiable RAM

The fragile and hard to find 5101 sRAM has been replaced by a 6264 sRAM.