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B-107 Lamp-Solenoid combo board

This Lamp-Solenoid combo board is compatible with the Bally solenoid (AS-2518-107) used in Bally Baby Pac Man and Granny & The Gators.

To be fully functional, it is necessary to connect the J13 connector of the board to the TP1  (5.4V)  test point of the Rectifier board or to the J1 pin 3 connector of the PinStar Rectifier board.

Main Features:

  • The 5V (5A) is based on a switching regulator to reduce the voltage around 7V, and feeds a Low dropout regulator. This will limit the heat and does not require a huge heat sink anymore.
  • 2 voltage display indicators (5V and 12V)
  • MOSFET transistor (more responsive)
  • Free wheeling diode on each transistor
  • Anti-flicker system with LEDs
  • Fully compatible with conventional bulbs or LED bulbs
  • Test LED on each transistor

Compatibility List:

Baby Pac Man
Granny & The Gators